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MSB allows you to test all its features. Data will only be partially displayed until registered.


Internet connection and email required to register.

Syncing with iTunes is required to use MSB:

MSB should work on any system (Mac or PC) that meets the requirements for syncing an iOS device.

Windows Internet Explorer 8 and WebKit browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) recommended.


If you encounter any problems or find a bug, send a report!

MobileSyncBrowser 5.7.4 — build 602 2014.03.22
Tested with iOS 7 / iTunes 11
Also works with older iOS/iTunes versions. Not all features may work across all possible combinations of iOS/iTunes.

Download Mac

Download Windows
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Polska • Português • Nederlands • 简体字  • русский

MSB6 Beta for iOS8 is now available for testing

Older Versions are available here

Known Issues

CoreRestore is not supported on iOS5+ devices.

[Mac] Certain screens (SMS, Calls) are drawn using WebKit, some versions of which may occasionally draw an 'empty' purple/blue window or fail to draw the scrollbar correctly. If this happens, select Export > HTML to view in your web browser.

The Kagi Registration Module is incompatible with Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks. It was replaced with a Web Purchase option in version 5.7.3

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5.7 Changes

  • NEW Support for iOS7 backups
  • FIX [WIN] Better compatibility with IE10
  • FIX [WIN] Installer now upgrades correctly
  • CHANGE [5.7.3] Uses web shopping cart
  • CHANGE [5.7.4] Sorts calendar events by date
  • CHANGE [5.7.4] Exports notes in ascending order
  • FIX [5.7.4] Fixed issue were notes exported raw values
  • FIX [5.7.4] Fixed issue with registration email field
  • FIX [MAC 5.7.5] Recompiled due to a dylib issue
Questions/Bug Reports/Suggestions are all welcome!
Twitter feed is for announcements;
please use the support link above for questions.

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