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Using MSB - the Basics

When you launch MSB, it automatically seeks the backup folders created by iTunes and will list the devices it finds. If there is only one device, it goes directly to the Categories list.

backups list

MSB lists each device’s most-recent backup, its firmware and backup date. If MSB encounters a firmware version it was not tested with, it will suggest you check the website for updates, but it is not required.

MSB cannot read backups saved to iCloud; you must select Backup to this computer in iTunes and resync the device.

If the backup has a red icon to the left, its data is encrypted and cannot be displayed. You must disable Encrypt Backup in iTunes and resync the device.
iCloud and Encryption OFF in iTunes

To view the categories of a device backup you can:

Double-click on the row or

Single-click on the arrow on the right to and select 'Open'

Alternate actions:
Note that the arrow ( > ) in the above image is blue. This indicates that this item also has one or more alternate action(s). 

In the Backups list, the alternate actions are:
Open (default): view the current backup

Archive: Create and view an archive for this device, which aggregates data from the device over time

Info: Display more information about this device

Reveal: Show the folder that contains this backup

categories list

The Categories list shows what kinds of information are available within the backup. A typical iPhone is shown above. If a particular category has no records or was not found, it will be indicated here.

The left button is used to return to the preceding list.

These items have a normal, gray arrow; they do not have an alternate action.

The first two categories, SMS/Messages and Call History will not be displayed if the device does not support them.

Note that the last three categories have Plus ( + ) sign icons. These features are only fully enabled with a Plus license.