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Error Logs

When most errors occur, MSB will handle them gracefully, usually by resetting itself to the initial view.

However, sometimes an error occurs which MSB is not designed to handle or simply cannot be handled. Many times it is because 'some information was not where it was supposed to be'.

To help the developer help you (and hopefully fix the problem in the next version), MSB tries to lists its recent actions in the form of a log window.

Sample Log

Alternate Logs

Sometimes an error may be such that MSB's built in log will not display. In these cases, it is still possible to retrieve the troubleshooting data from your system with just a little extra effort:


Quit MSB if it is running.

In your Applications folder, open Utilities and launch

Once the Console window opens, select system.log as shown below.

To see only MSB log entries, type or paste com.macsupport-pr.vIDT in the Filter field. You can then copy and paste the log entries into an email message.

If the error is repeatable (happens constantly and predictably), you may also create a smaller log by taking these additional steps:

Click the Clear Display icon.

Leave the Console running and launch MSB.

Perform only the steps required for the problem to appear.

Return to the Console and copy/paste the log.

The log will only contain items from the current session, and as such, may be much shorter and more relevant.
Mac Console


Launch Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Event Viewer

The location of the MSB event messages varies in Windows. This section under construction.
Windows Event Viewer