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CoreRestore and RollBack backups are not scanned/listed within MSB; you must use iTunes to restore the newly-created backup to the device using 'Restore from Backup...'

You will be prompted to select a specific backup. Here, the backup names show a 'standard' (current) backup, a CoreRestore partial backup (CR) and a RollBack historical backup (RB) and their dates (in yyyy mm dd - hh mm ss format).

If viewing the backups in iTunes preferences, the backup date for CoreRestore backup reflects the time the modified version was created. This can aid in identifying the CR backup you wish to restore.

NOTE When restoring a CoreRestore (partial, selective) backup, iOS5 devices will reject the restore. We are investigating the issue.

With other versions, iTunes may present an error dialog once the restore has finished. This is normal and can be ignored.
iTunes Error